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Program Services


SC CCR&R offers free training, technical assistance, and coaching to South Carolina’s early care and education (ECE) workforce. Our coaches develop individualized training plans based on the needs of each child care program with whom they work. Additionally, we facilitate statewide and regional conferences, provide connections to valuable resources, and offer guidance in the face of the many challenges the ECE industry faces.

Whether you are just getting started in the field or an experienced ECE professional, we are here to help. Our Directors Forum schedule is available below, and further information about all the services we offer is available on our Professional Development page.

Upcoming Directors Forums

From 12:30 pm to 12:45 pm, PSSA will share exciting information about our new provider supports and sub-pool pilots, designed to enhance your childcare center's operations and efficiency. 

From 12:45 to 1:30 p.m., Pyramid PIECES Behavior Support Network (BSN) will present support for child care providers and families. So, they feel confident and competent in supporting the needs of children who engage in persistent challenging behavior to maintain the child's enrollment in the program.

From 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm, regional breakout groups for local support. 


• This is a “Directors Forum” for directors only. 

• No training credit will be given for attendance. 

• There will be Regional Breakouts for networking opportunities. 

Register Here.